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Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is located between the Vindhyan hill range and the esstern flank of Satpu8ra hill range, and falls in the Shahdol and Jabalpur districts of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

The Reserve gets its name from the highest hill, Bandhavharh (807m),located in the center of the Reserve.. A chain of smaller hills, thirty -two in all, surround this hill forming a number of valleys and spurs in between. Bertica cliffs are more prominent around number of grassy meadows, such as Chalradhara, Rajbsahera, is of sandstone, water percolates through it, forming a number of perennial streams and springs. The western parts of the Reserve and Panpatha Sanctuary area are more of less plain. The hills are mainly flat- topped. The meadows in certain areas ate marshy.

Sal trees cover low, undulating and plain tracts and degenerate in growth and quality as they ascend he hill slopes, giving place to mixed forest on the upper slopes, mainly due to edaphic factors. Gregarious flowering of bamboo in year 1984-85 has resulted in profuse regeneration all over, which is giving good cover to all animals.

A few rare species such as the insectivorous plant Drocera peltata and medicinal plants such as Buch (Acorus calamus are found in some isolated patches of Tata range of the Reserve. The rivers Johilla and Son flowing on the eastern side, the river Umrar passing through the western fringes and the landmarks of the Reserve. Bandhavgarh has been an excellent habitat of the tiger and is Known for its highest density of tiger population in the world.

Forest Types
Moist Peninsular Low Level Sal
West Gangetic Moist Mixed Deciduous Forests.

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