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Cannanore – Kannur

Kannur ( earlier Canannore), has carved a niche in the socio-political history of the state. The capital of erstwhile Kolathiri Rajas, the ancient town had fallen to European forces in several occasions. In 15th century, the Portuguese were the first to establish a settlement here.

St. Angelo’s Fort in the city was built by the first Portuguese Viceroy in 1505. The Portuguese factory built by Cabral in 1501 was captured by the Dutch in 1663. In 1708 the British built a fort at Thalassery ( earlier Tellichery), another coastal town in Kannur.

The nearby Mahe became a French colony in the 18th century. In 1940's, Kannur became an effervescent political cauldron. Communism was the provocation. The district hamlets witnesses bouts of violence which left indelible impressions on the political landscape of the district.

Many folk art and dance forms have roots in the socio-religious culture of the district. Theyyam and Kavadiyattam were nurtured and nourished by artistes from Kannur. Another stronghold of the district is weaving. As many as hundred weaving units are ticking over here. Kannur is boarded by Karnataka's Kodagu district.

District Area - 2996
District Population - 22,51,727
Altitude - Sea level
Temperature - Mean Max. 32.6 deg.C, Mean Min. 21.4 deg.C
Rainfall - 344 cm.
Tourist Season - August to March


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