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Tuli Resort, Kanha

Situated in the heart of Kanha, the Tuli Tiger Resort beckons Tiger lovers from all over the World to come and explore Kanha. The Resort has a setting which makes you feel that you are camping out in the jungle itself, but with the full security and comfort that has become a trademark of the Tuli Group. This resort comes to you from the "Tuli International" people and lives up to the Tuli reputation in all its aspects. In short you have to be there, to "Experience The Bliss", and along with it the true beauty of Kanha.

This resort is well placed in the buffer zone of the Park. It has a natural lake created in its boundary which extends to 80,000 sq. meters. It is adjacent to a rivulet which meets the main river called Banjar at a distance of about 100 meters.

Location :

How to Reach :

Nearest Town : Mandla - 65 kms (40 Miles)
Railway Stations : Jabalpur - 160 kms (99.5 miles) : Nagpur - 255 kms (158 miles)
Airports : Jabalpur - 160 kms (99.5 miles) : Nagpur - 255 kms (158 miles)
By Road : Entry in to the park is from Khatia-Kisli & Mukki only. State transport buses are available from Jabalpur. A changeover is necessary at Bamni while approaching from Nagpur. Taxi's/ jeeps are available at Jabalpur & Nagpur.

When to Visit:

The park is unique in nature, making it difficult to specify any particular time as being the best time. Kanha has three major seasons - the rainy, the cold & the hot.

When to Visit:

The cold season ( November - February)

Winter is the best season of the year. The day temperature rarely goes over 30°C. November is mildly cold while December - January are the coldest. Since monsoon has recently receded the vegetation is green, but the grass in the meadows turns yellow due to severe frost.

The hot season ( March - Mid June)

Summer in Kanha is not very harsh. Though the daytime temperature reaches 40°C in shade, there are no hot winds. rains, if any are sporadic, but it sometimes hails in March - April. This coincides with the rutting season for Chital (Axis axis). The meadows are filled with dominant stags displaying and courting with the females and fighting rivals for them.

The rainy season (Mid June - October)

The monsoonal showers in late June kills the heat & the vegetation turns into intense green. A thick undercoat starts covering the forest floor & the leaves on the deciduous trees unfold. This the fawning period for the herbivores. But the park is closed for visitors in this season.

Most of the people prefer to visit Kanha between February & June. A stay of 3-4 days is advisable to get a really good sighting of Kanha's entire range of wildlife.

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