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The name Wayanad derived from ‘Wayalnadu’ means land of paddy fields. The picturesque plateau, having the largest concentration of tribal population in the state, was once known as Africa in Kerala. Kalpetta, the only municipal town in the district, is district headquarters.

Tourists were late to find this unsung paradise which is Kerala's answer to Tamilnadu's Ootty or Karnataka's Madikeri. In many fronts, the hilly-district stands unique. In monsoon days Wayanad is soaking wet.

Colonial presence in the district in the second half of the 19 the century has transformed the district, then a vast reserve forest, into plantations of coffee and tea. Even then, the district is credited with 78787 hector reserve forest, the largest forest tract in a Kerala district.

Wayanad is in fact cordoned off by six districts of Kerala, Tamilnadu and Karnataka. Several microscopic communities such as Jains and Kurichiyars are housed in the district. The district offers much for anthropologists and archeologists.

The Kurichiyars, now a decadent group, have a great martial tradition. They constituted the army of Pazhassi Rajah who fought against the British forces in this part of the country. They still excel in archery. The district is the largest producer of pepper in the country.

District Area - 2131
District Population - 6,72,128
Climate - Tropical
Altitude - 700-2100 m. above sea level
Temperature - Mean min. 20 deg.c, Mean max. 35 deg.c
- 250 cms. (annual)
Tourist Season - August to May


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